How to encrypt files and folders

How to Encrypt Files and Folders

Ensure the confidentiality of your files with encryption

First, Download and launch GhostVolt

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What is GhostVolt?

GhostVolt is a file and folder encryption App which allows you to quickly and easily encrypt all your files and folders. GhostVolt works just like Windows Explorer, so you already know how to use it.

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Start Encrypting your Files

Drag your files and folders into GhostVolt and they’re automatically encrypted.

Drag and drop file encryption

Once encrypted, only you can access your files and folders, everyone else is denied access including your family, employer, or anyone else who can access your computer.

Some of the benefits of File Encryption

Protect your privacy
Protect your Privacy

GhostVolt encryption ensures your files can only be accessed by you. Your friends, family and cybercriminals cannot read your private and personal data.

Prevent data theft
Prevent Data Theft

If your files are stolen, breached or hacked their contents are secured and unreadable by hackers and criminals.

Guard against Identity Theft
Guard Against Identity Theft

Encryption obscures your personal information, rendering it completely useless to cybercriminals who want to steel your personal data for identity theft.