Security made simple

Lock any file with enterprise level encryption

Encrypts any file with 256bit encryption
Portable and requires no installer
Easy to use. Just drag, drop and lock
Guard against Identity Theft


GhostVolt Start
Locking files in GhostVolt Start in three steps, add files, press lock and create a password.
Add your files to GhostVolt Start.
Add your stuff

Just drag and drop or browse to your files and folders

Click the lock button.
Start locking

Select your files in the list and press the 'Lock' button

Create a password.
Enter a password

GhostVolt Start assists with password strength as you type

Success, your files are locked.
Hit 'Lock Files'

That's it! Your files are now secured in their original location

Laptop with GhostVolt locking private files like bank statements, letters and photos.
Secure your Private Files

Lock your private documents, photos, videos and other files from hackers, thieves and prying eyes.

Ghostvolt Start uses the most trusted encryption standard to date, in the simplest user interface ever.

GhostVolt Start on a USB drive so it can be used on any other Windows computer.
Lightweight and Portable

GhostVolt Start requires no installation, simply a download.

Take it anywhere and secure data on any windows machine: the home office, your laptop... hey, even put it on a flash drive and use it on the go.

GhostVolt protecting personal and financial information from someone trying to steal it remotely.
Guard against Identity Theft

Data encryption obscures your personal infomation, rendering it completely useless to any invasive attacker.

Even if you aren't targeted and lose your laptop, your encrypted data is always hidden.

Ready to Start?

Screen shots
Draging and droping files and folders into GhostVolt Start.
Selecting files in the GhostVolt Start window.
Creating a password to lock files.
Oncreeen message announcing that files are now successfully locked under strong encryption.