GhostVolt Testimonials and Reviews

Customers all over the world trust GhostVolt to keep their important documents safe and secure. But don't take our word for it - read what our customers are saying about GhostVolt

5 Star review

I have recently started using GhostVolt and its very good program for the following reasons. I am constantly looking for a program that is easy to use. I settled on AxCrypt for that very reason. I would say that GhostVolt, although seemingly more complex, is easy to understand and operate. What particularly impresses me, bearing in mind how new it is, is the wealth of tutorials and help files already available and the step by step nature of these. The interface is simple and uncluttered and easy to use. I am very impressed with how quickly it converts and encrypts even large numbers of files. Its certainly quicker than AxCrypt. The Teams/Sharing function is also easy to use although of limited value to me as a home user Im not very technically minded so am not good on picking up the technical subtleties so as of yet I cant see any obvious ways the program can be improved but based on the current approach of the developers it looks like it will see constant improvement.

Geoff Woodfield, UK

One of the best
5 Star review

This is a Great piece of security software. I highly recommend it. It is very easy to use and has an intuitive design, which means that a lot of thought was put into the end user experience from the beginning. Most importantly, it is stable and the integration with OneDrive works flawlessly for redundancy and sharing options.

moti9, AppSumo

Ghost Volt is really really good!
5 Star review

I'm really into security and have used all of the main free and paid encryption software. I must say that Ghost Volt is really good. The main thing to remember is that it doesn't encrypt the files individually, it creates an encrypted container on your drive that you can access from a file explorer similar to Windows file explorer. You can also set 2FA and encrypt some cloud drives. This is a much lower learning curve than most encryption softwares but is still using the AES standard which should be good enough for most people... it's good enough for banks.

Csdoes, AppSumo

I love this
5 Star review

It works pretty good. I recommend it to everyone.


Very Good product
5 Star review

Very Good product, If you want to encrypt/ keep your files and folders private, Also Excellent Support, I have never experienced such quick and helpful support.

Patrick White, stacksocial

Excellent software
5 Star review

Excellent software, great for my needs. It works flawlessly even offline. Great addition to my security needs!

Paul Stoica, stacksocial

GhostVolt is very easy to use
5 Star review

GhostVolt is very easy to use, of course encrypting data on a removable disk or any local disk from a PC, so hackers don't know what you have and can't actually encrypt the data and demand for a fee. I recommend this program. Thank you and goodbye.

anton mohorko, stacksocial