Who are we and what do we do?

GhostVolt was started with the simple goal of making robust, secure and easy to use tools for security minded people like you. We specialise in secure document storage, compliance and collaboration for teams of any size ranging from mega-corps right down to individual teams of one.

We’re a transatlantic collaboration between the USA and the UK, our head office is based in the beautiful city of Boston USA and our R&D function, the always rainy (and equally beautiful), Newcastle UK.

We are GhostVolt


Lead developer

Steve has over 20 years in software development and security products and leads technology and product development at GhostVolt. Steve lives in Sunderland, UK.


Head of Marketing

Muna is the head of marketing at GhostVolt. She has extensive experience in B2B services and software. Muna lives in Cambridge MA, USA.


Sales & Business Development

John leads our business development and sales worldwide. He has over 25 years in enterprise software solutions. He resides in Cambridge MA, USA.

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Where are you guys based?
US office
UK office (R&D)
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