Protect Your Business Data

Encrypt, monitor and restrict access to all your digital assets

Encrypt your files and folders
Secures your file server
Restrict access to your data
Prevent data breaches and data leaks
Meet regulatory compliance and legislation
Secure file, folder and data collaboration

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Prevent data theft

Stay in Control of Your Data

GhostVolt is a fully secure, on-premises collaboration and document management platform that encrypts and restricts access to your business data, providing all the necessary tools to protect against data breaches, cybersecurity threats, and help you comply with legislative requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA

Asset restriction
Data Breach Protection

GhostVolt automatically encrypts all your files which not only prevents unauthorised access to your data, but also prevents data breaches.

Ensure your business meets compliance regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.
Data Compliance

Encrypt all your data and ensure your business meets compliance regulations like the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.

Advanced reporting
Auditing And Reports

GhostVolt tracks and logs all file, folder and user activity and gives you full access to advanced reporting capabilities.

User access and control
Data Access Controls

You decide who has access to your files, folders and business data, and at what level their access is granted.

Team collaboration
Secure Collaboration

Work together in a secure workspace with encrypted file collaboration. Automatically sync files, so your teams are always working on the latest version.

Encrypted file sharing
Encrypted File Sharing

Securely share your files and data with colleagues or customers via the Cloud, email or any other sharing method.


Keep Your Data Secure With Encryption

File encryption is crucial to ensuring your files remain accessible to only those who have the correct privileges. GhostVolt protects your files and data against unauthorized access, data breaches, ransomware blackmail attacks and helps to keep your business inside regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

Two-factor authentication
Two-factor authentication

GhostVolt enhances data protection by enabling two-factor authentication for secure access to your encrypted files and folders.

Automatically backup
Auto Backups

Schedule automatic backups all your encrypted files and folders to a destination of your choice.

Advanced reporting
Password Safety

Detects and blocks breached passwords from being used with full Have I Been Pwned integration.

GhostVolt has helped us secure, organise and handle all our customer documents and keep within the GDPR.

-Accounts2Go, UK

Secure Your Data by Limiting File Access

By limiting access to your data, your organization can protect sensitive or confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized users. This can prevent data breaches and protect you against insider and external threats, such as hacking or phishing attacks.

With built-in user roles and data access controls, GhostVolt ensures that only those with the correct permissions have access to your valuable data. There’s no complex settings or requirements, simply select a folder and choose who and at what level users have access.

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Monitor and Audit All your Data Usage

Data auditing is an essential part of compliance requirements such as HIPAA as they enable quick detection of breaches and ensures adherence to the minimum necessary standard.

Trying to determine which of your files and folders are at risk using native auditing tools such as Active Directory is a difficult and time-consuming task. GhostVolt is different. Simply select the file, folder or user you’d like to track or audit and enjoy instant access to powerful reporting, statistics and data timelines which include over 80 data points. All with a single click.

Excellent Support, I have never experienced such quick and helpful support.

Patrick White, Stack Social

Secure Collaboration

The ability to securely collaborate allows you to share and work on important documents with your team without worrying about data breaches, lost data, and unauthorized access.

GhostVolt's workspace looks, feels, and works just like your regular file explorer while offering seamless security when collaborating. It's simple to use too. Simply open any file for editing, and when you're finished, your changes are automatically encrypted, saved, and made available to the rest of your team.

How it works

GhostVolt is a secure client-server platform that encrypts data both at rest and in transit. Your files, folders, and data are fully secured on your server and can be accessed by authorized users through GhostVolt's client Workspace.

How GhostVolt secures and limits access to your file server

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