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GhostVolt AxCrypt Folder Lock VeraCrypt
Easy setup - No tech skills required
Explorer style interface 
Simple drag & drop encryption
Password/login recovery system 
Securely share files (inc. cloud) 
Quick file preview 
File tagging and search 
Create secure notes 
Add comments to files  
Secure password checker 

This is GhostVolt

Getting started

Organise and control your files and folders with GhostVolts familiar and fully featured file manager. It works just like your normal file explorer, so you already know how to use it.

Simply add your files and folders as normal. GhostVolt encrypts your data automatically and keeps it that way.

Editing and Viewing

Securely preview your files directly within GhostVolt or choose to edit them directly.

When editing files, your changes are tracked and automatically re-encrypted when you're done so you don’t have to worry about your files being left unlocked.

Use tags to organise files

You can tag files and notes to make them easier to find.

With a couple of tags, you can instantly categorize your Files and Notes for hassle-free searches down the road, and then find all of those Files and Notes again easily no matter where you save them.

Secure file sharing

Share you files with DropBox, Google Drive or any other file sharing solution with GhostVolts built in secure file share feature.

Automatically check your GhostVolt passwords against the worlds known 500+ million password breaches to ensure your security.

Secure Notes

With Secure Notes, you can store passwords, banking details or any other important information that need to be stored securely, but to which you also need easy access.

GhostVolt Business also adds the ability to share and collaborate your secure notes with your entire team.

Your GhostVolt

Stay in control of your files and setup GhostVolt the way you like it from a single, simple administrator dashboard.

*Some settings are Business editions only

File comments

Add encrypted notes, comments and conversations to your files.

*Business editions only

Advanced user control

Invite everyone on your network and grant, monitor, and revoke access to your secured files. Set controls by admin level or refine access one folder at a time.

*Business editions only

Grant access to files and folders

Invite or deny access to any folder to any member of your team.

*Business editions only

File history audit

See which users interacted with your files and what they did with them during a specified date range.

*Business edition only

User history audit

View, export as PDF or print your user activity with details of every file, client and activity.

*Business edition only

Choose what to report on

Choose from over 30 different audit points when creating your reports.

*Business edition only

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