Windows File Explorer Encryption

Encrypt and secure all your files and folders directly from your Windows file manager.

Encrypts All Your Files and Folders
Filename Encryption
Includes a File Shredder
Fully Audited, 256bit AES Encryption
Cloud Storage Awareness
FREE. Costs no money!

Windows 11/10 compatible


GhostVolt Shell

How GhostVolt Shell Works

GhostVolt Shell is a fully secure file and folder encryption app that integrates directly within your Windows File Manager's right-click menus. Simply select your files and folders, right-click, choose Encrypt, enter your password, and you're done. When you want to decrypt them, it's just as simple: use the exact same steps for encryption, but this time, choose to Decrypt your files. It's that simple.

Locking files in GhostVolt Shell in three steps, add files, press lock and create a password.
Add your files to GhostVolt Shell.
Select your files

Select the files and folders you want to encrypt and choose GhostVolt

Create a password.
Enter a password

Select the Encrypt menu and enter your password

Success, your files are locked.

Click Encrypt. Your files are now secured in their original location


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Screen Shots

GhostVolt Shell screen shots
Windows Explorer Shell
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Take your Data Security to the Next Level.

GhostVolt Shell is great for basic file and folder encryption, but what if you need more protection? Don't worry; we've got you covered. With GhostVolt Solo and GhostVolt Business, your security is taken to the next level and beyond

Automatic File Encryption
Secure File Searching and Previews
Realtime Password Data Breach Checks
Two Factor Authentication
Encrypt and secure your OneDrive data
Plus many other security tools

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