Feature Comparison

Security Start Solo Business
Encrypt and secure any file or document
256bit data encryption (AES)
File Management Start Solo Business
Add, remove and delete files
View files. (Changes are not save to your repository)
Edit files. (Changes are automatically encrypted and save to your repository)
Download and decypt files to a local computer.
Share files.
File tagging
File Comments
View file history
View file audit history and reports
View deleted file record histories
Folder Management Start Solo Business
Create, Edit and Delete folders
View folder audit history and reports
View deleted folder record histories
Users Start Solo Business
Create, edit and delete Users
Lock User accounts
Force Users to reset their logon password
Reset lost User passwords
View User audit history
Administrator tasks Start Solo Business
Change Encryption keys
Backup Encryption keys
Backup your repository
Clone repository
Settings Start Solo Business
Automatic logout after inactivity
Reminder to change master encryption keys
Expire User logon passwords after period
Servers Start Solo Business
Multiple servers