Version 27th August 2019

  • Updated security engine which includes perfromance improvments
  • Added 'Add file' and 'Add folder' to your project folders context menu
  • GhostVolt now uses the .Net framework version 4.7.1
  • Simplified on-boarding wizard
  • Created new ‘First steps’ guide when opening the App for the first time
  • Minor bug fixes for the interactive tours
  • The App now shows an indicator when an update is available
  • Improved toolbar feedback when selecting files and folders
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing users from resetting their login password
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Version (recommended update) 10th August 2019

This release focuses on a couple of serious UI related bugs that was preventing key functionality from being accessed. We’ve also thrown-in a couple of minor UI updates too.

  • Fixed a bug where user were unable to select (and view) deleted folders from their GhostVolt folder view
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to add files and folders to the root ‘Repository’ folder
  • Minor UI improvements

Version 5th August 2019

  • Pin your most frequently used folders with the new ‘Quick access’ feature
  • Improved accessibility by adding shortcut keys to all buttons and commands
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to resize the filename column with double click which resulted the width being changed AND GhostVolt attempted to open the selected file
  • Improved information when searching your users
  • Minor UI improvements

Version 28th July 2019

For this release we’ve improved your ability to search for files and folders and improved folder filtering feedback.

  • Added global search which allows you to search your entire GhostVolt for any file or folder
  • When performing a local folder filter, your search term is now highlighted in your search results
  • Minor UI tweaks and bugs fixes

Version 17th July 2019

For this release we’ve included some of the familiar Windows Explorer functions, including:

  • Added ‘Breadcrumb’ toolbar to help navigate your project folders
  • Added Cut and Paste to your project for Files
  • Select all/none/invert added for convenient document selection
  • Additional audit points added for moving files
  • Access restrictions added to context menus

Version 1st July 2019

For this update we’ve concentrated on making the UI a little slicker including better feedback when hovering your mouse over your GhostVolts file and folder views and a number of minor UI issues.

Version 7th June 2019

For this release we’ve significantly improved the performance of GhostVolt in many areas. You can expect savings of around 30% when adding large numbers of folders and files to your GhostVolt, 50%+ when opening large projects and massive improvements to performance when adding or editing your team members. We’ve also added a few UI tweaks to keep you informed of what GhostVolt is doing in the background and fixed a number of medium level bugs.

  • Improved performance when loading GhostVolt with a large amount of folders.
  • Improved performance when creating and editing Users
  • Improved speed when adding a large amount of folders to GhostVolt
  • Add a new icon to status bar to indicate GhostVolt is busy performing background tasks
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 19th may 2019

  • Adding Excel and PDF support to your Document Access report
  • Improved design for Document access report window
  • Because monitoring stale user accounts is very important we’ve added Last login date to your user control window
  • Minor UI fixes

Version 15th may 2019

  • *Added a new feature which allows you to report what documents your users have write access to
  • Tighter security around how you access your Folder Share keys
  • Improved feedback when creating and editing user who have access to a large amount of documents
  • Fixed a number of minor UI irritations

*Requires GhostVolt for Business

Version 27th April 2019

  • Fixed a bug where users could not validate their user account via email
  • Minor UI changes

Version 26th April 2019

  • Fixed a bug where access to Key Rotation was denied to all users

Version 25th April 2019

  • Security enhancements including authentication hardening e.g. tighter controls on who can access certain server functions
  • Fixed a bug where new users were not able to activate their account during the first attempt
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes

Version 18th April 2019

For this release we’ve exclusively focussed our attention on Ghostvolts reporting. We’ve improved a lot of areas the headline features being:

  • New report window, take a look here
  • You can now export your reporting data to Excel*
  • Filter your reports by audit type
  • Clean-up your reporting folder right from your reporting Window
  • Additional audit data point added to your audit trail
  • Cleaned-up User report tables
  • Fixed a bug where PDF record details were being truncated
  • General bug fixing

*Requires Microsoft Office or Open Office to be installed on your computer

Version 3rd March 2019

  • Bug Fix: Occasionally when low network speeds have been detected GhostVolt was dropping the connection to the server. This version updates the timeout period to reduce such occurrences. Add checks to Have I Been Pwned when entering passwords

Version 27th Jan 2019
  • Add checks to Have I Been Pwned when entering passwords
  • Weekly bugfix

Version 17th Jan 2019
  • Weekly bugfix

Version 15th Jan 2019
  • Users can now create an Emergency login kit which can be used for recovering their Ghostvolt account
  • When setting up GhostVolt, administrators can now optionally validate the email address associated to their GhostVolt account (high recommend for account recover purposes).
  • Improvements to account encryption key recovery and management.
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvments

Version 9th Jan 2019
  • Customer master encryption keys can now be user created
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvments

Version 1st Jan 2019
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvments