Complete Backup

A Complete Backup will create a copy of all files, folders, settings and encryption keys and can be used to completely restore GhostVolt to a previous state, which would be useful in the event of a disk failure or memory corruption for example.

The Complete Backup window in Admin.

In the Admin window, under Repository Menagement, click Complete Backup.

Here you can browse to a location to store your backup, choose to compress the backup into a Zip folder and also unlock all files within the backup.

If you want to restore your backups at a later date using the restore function, you must choose to Backup files to a zip file and keep your file locked e.g., do not select Unlock all files within backup

How to fully restore a backup file

In this section we’ll learn how to fully restore a backup to a new computer. If you don’t already have GhostVolt installed and setup you’ll need to do this first.

Setting up GhostVolt

  1. Download and fully install GhostVolt on your new computer. Download here
  2. Open GhostVolt and setup your account (Note the location where your files will be stored, you'll need this later)
  3. Close GhostVolt

Automatically restoring a backup

Open GhostVolt and click the Restore a backup button

Restore a backup

  1. Click the browse button and select the backup you would like to restore
  2. Click the Restore button

Your files will now be restored into the location shown in the Restore file details section

You must be logged into the computer where your GhostVolt files are stored.

Restore a backup

How to manually restore a backup

Restoring your GhostVolt settings and database file

  1. Open your GhostVolt backup file
    1. Open the folder Server_Database
    2. Copy file GhostVolt_Server.sqlite (Right click then Copy)
  2. In Windows Explorer open folder C:\ProgramData\GhostVolt
  3. Paste the file copied in step 1. (Right click then Paste) Choose yes to Replace

Restoring your GhostVolt files and folders

  1. Open your GhostVolt backup file
  2. Open the folder Repo
    1. Copy folder GhostVolt (Right click then Copy)
  3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to where your GhostVolt files are stored. Example: If you choose c: in step 3, open Drive C (there should be a folder named GhostVolt)
  4. Paste the folder copied in step 1 (Right click then Paste) Choose yes to Replace

Thats it. Open GhostVolt using your old username and password.

Backup Encryption Keys

Backing up encryption keys is useful for restoring access to your files if the Master Encryption Key is lost or corrupted. Here we can create a Key File, store it in another location and lock it with a unique password.

The Backup Encryption Keys window in Admin.

Creating a Key File

In the Admin window, under Repository Menagement, click Backup Encryption Keys.

Here you will be prompted to create a password for the Key File, create a name for the Key File and choose a location to store it.