Complete Backup

A Complete Backup will create a copy of all files, folders, settings and encryption keys and can be used to completely restore GhostVolt to a previous state, which would be useful in the event of a disk failure or memory corruption for example.

Unless you choose to decrypt in this step, your files are backed up and secured by your Master Encryption Key and you will need to access them via GhostVolt using your login password.

The Complete Backup window in Admin.

In the Admin window, under Repository Menagement, click Complete Backup.

Here you can browse to a location to store your backup, choose to compress the backup into a Zip folder and also unlock all files within the backup.

If you choose Unlock all files within backup be sure that you trust the location you're backing up to as your files will be exposed in a non-encrypted state.

Backup Encryption Keys

Backing up encryption keys is useful for restoring access to your files if the Master Encryption Key is lost or corrupted. Here we can create a Key File, store it in another location and lock it with a unique password.

The Backup Encryption Keys window in Admin.

Creating a Key File

In the Admin window, under Repository Menagement, click Backup Encryption Keys.

Here you will be prompted to create a password for the Key File, create a name for the Key File and choose a location to store it.